Scandalous but sympathetic – the irreconcilable Brazilian devil

Daniel Alves undoubtedly is one of the most controversial figures in football. In his career he has repeatedly indignated with unsportsmanlike behavior and active participation in scandalous situations. In total contrast, there are few appearances that serve as examples of cavalry, and they have won many fans.

The 34-year-old Brazilian inspires many, mostly in his homeland. The reason – his fairy tale from the bottom to the surface. As a child and in his teens, Alvesh helped his father in the field’s farm duties, and then surpassed even his most daring dreams. He turns into a professional professional footballer, earning hundreds of millions and enjoying a sleek worldly life. And in addition, he raises a trophy after a trophy.

Or, more precisely, it’s been a total of 35 buy-ins ever since Seville’s first professional club in 2002 – the Brazilian Bahia. In the Andalusian team Alves won five trophies before the dream transfer in Barcelona.

For 8 seasons, the Catalans team won 23 awards and, most importantly, the hearts of fans. Because of its vaporizing irritability, it is contagious for everyone. Because of his unceasing energy and the spirit of a man who is struggling for his life every second, every situation every inch.


A year ago, Barca’s leadership did not relate to Alves as he expected. Both fans and specialists were not expecting it. The Brazilian was allowed to leave with a light hand. He remained offended, but unlike many other stars, he did not raise a loud scandal and kept silent. He revealed his feelings in this period only a year later …

… after going to Torino and proving that he can succeed without Barca, and even more – against Barca. He started unconvincingly with Juventus, but at the end of the season he became one of the team’s leaders. He scored beautiful and important goals, won a title and a cup, and reached the Champions League final after not giving a moment of calm to one of his best friends, Neymar, to the finals in the tournament. It was there that Alvesh recovered from the leadership of the “Catalonians”, although he himself missed the word “revenge” in his speeches. Danny Alves has no place for sentiments. Just when the typhoons accepted him as his own, he told them “I leave you”.
The reason for breaking up with the bianconers was a call from mentor Josep Guardiola. The Brazilian had promised he was going to Manchester City but even cheated on Pep! And then he took a high head to Paris.


Whether because of the Brazilians in the PSG (Tiago Silva, Marguinos, Lucas Moura, Maxwell), whether because of the Neymar’s ultimatum, Parisians would have his friend Danny in his own composition if he himself decides to leave Barca.

Many continue to criticize Alves, but he does not care about such opinions.

He proved it once again in the Super Cup game of France, being once again a hero on the pitch. Brilliant goal, assists and a new trophy. And as always, the hearts play for the emblem as if it were a youth of the club. And finally, after the last Judgment signal, there is also that so devilish but at the same time sympathetic smile on the face of the Brazilian veteran.

Danny Alves is a person that few include in his list of “most antipathic” people. Sometimes it’s strange, illogical, unscrupulous, but it makes it interesting, unique, unique. One of its kind that continues to resent and impress!

Scandalous but sympathetic – the irreconcilable Brazilian devil

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