Interview with Bonucci: Juve and I will have the consequences

It’s been over a month since the end of one of the most surprising and big transfers in the summer window. Leonardo Bonouci changed the Hegemona in Serie A Juventus for one of his historic rivals and an expected rival for Milan’s squad in the new season, against 40 million euros and more mouths to surprise. The Central Defender opens himself for everything about the transfer and for his future in a lengthy interview for Gadgeta Delo Sport.

– Have you already managed to reset yourself after this whole story about the transfer?

“It’s a strange feeling to watch Juventus on TV, but as I said, I’m now concentrating on Milan alone, and Juve has stayed in the past. Thanks for what they gave me. With them I became one of the best defenders in the world. But when you make certain choices, you have to take responsibility for them and accept all the consequences that come with them. Juve and coach Massimiliano Allegre made some very specific choices last season and I made my own.

“But Allegri said the choice to leave was all yours …”

– Right?! Certainly, my views on things were no longer the same as in the past, but the choice was shared with the club, so it’s not entirely mine. It all started from Porto (Bonus was left on the stands for a match from the elimination phase of the Champions League), but there were also some events, though probably less.

“Alegiri can one day become a coach of the squadra adzura.” Would not it be strange to be back in the same changing room?

“It will be what is written. We are all professionals, no problem.

– You go along the path of Andrea Pirlo …

– It is, but the reverse. I hope to do the same in Milan, which he achieved in Juve.

– Did you talk to any of your ex-teammates?

– Of course. Yesterday, I wished Giorgio Chiellini a happy birthday, and with some of them we are together in the national team of Italy.

– Reactions after social media transfer were not very flattering to you …

– If I was influenced by comments in social media, I would have left Juve as early as 2011 and during that I could not go to AC Milan. I was beaten because I changed my team, but on the Internet people are free to speak whatever they want. I do not feel anger against them.

– The Milan typhus, however, has welcomed you very cordially. Did you expect that?

“I thought there would be a little more skepticism about me. Their enthusiasm motivates me even more. I can not wait to debut at this stadium. I admit that I’m a little over-excited: “San Siro” means history and on the day of the Europa League qualifying match, I felt intoxicated just a little while in my career as I entered the stadium. And I did not play, I just watched from the stands! I can not wait to see this audience again.

“So fast you are assuming that they are already giving you the captain’s belt. And did you expect it?

“She’s a big responsibility. I will give my best to protect this shirt from the first to the last minute of each game. Frankly, I did not expect the tape. But the important thing here is that there is a motivated team, and Milan is a happy club because there are people who know how to build this motivated team. I’m very happy in this dressing room and I’m especially struck by the self-sacrificing spirit of our South American players. The choice for the captain was shared between the club, coach Vincenzo Montetella and the team. I talked to the former Captain Ricardo Mondotto on the first day of what might happen. He is a big man and a great footballer. Nobody wants to fuck anyone. Our intention is to build a strong team. What is important is general goodness, not who the master is. I can offer my experience and charisma, but the team makes you a leader. I am lucky to have learned from great leaders such as Gianluigi Buffon, Alessandro Del Piero, and Chielini. For the rest, the secret lies in having a team in terms of the smallest detail. Milan wants to return to the big stage and that’s what the club wants us to do.

– You could move for more money in the English Premier League where Chelsea and Manchester City wanted you. Why did you choose “spinners” too?

– Because they offered me the most ambitious project. I live for the challenges, and CEO Marco Fasone and sports director Massimiliano Mirabelli have made me feel important and truly desirable. It did not have the talks to last for only 48 hours. On the other hand, love is born instantly, or never born. It’s certainly not a question of money. Those who try to portray me as a mercenary will say that I could go abroad and take a lot more money.

– When you went to Juventus in 2010, a team was also being built. Do you see any similarities to the current situation in Milan?

“That’s true, I see a lot of parallels. Actually, I stopped at AC Milan, because in my head I have the idea to repeat the road to Juventus, where we started with a complete repair just like here, and finally we reached the top. But I want to get even higher here: I hope to win the Champions League in four years. I want to win everything! This is my beautiful new home and from now on I will feel at home. I’m inspired and I’m more thirsty for play and success than ever before. I’m always pushing myself to my limit, and now my goal is to bring Milan back to Olympus in world football. I chose this club for a fresh fresh start. I’m here to win!

– But first, it is necessary to climb the Italian Olympus, where Juventus has been held for six consecutive years. Do you see Milan in the fight for the squad this season? Yes, more than 200 million euros have been spent on new additions, but yet they will have to build understanding on the ground …

– Yes, Juve remains the favorite of the title, and Napoli has great chances to finally fight for the scuddling. Right now, we really are one step below, but we should not be limiting ourselves. After the aforementioned two teams, I see Milan, Inter and Roma as equal.

“Will you climb this last step, too, if one comes from Andrea Belotti and Pierre-Emeric Obameyang?”

– Belote is an assailant who makes the whole team ahead – so much hard work on the pitch. I do not know if he will come to us, but whoever comes will have to be available in both phases of the game. A top striker will make it easier for us in many ways and would be the perfect ending of a stimulating and exciting transfer window for the club.

– What do you think of Coach Montella?

“I see a great desire for him to improve, and to give his players a will to win. A very smart tactic is and is a coach with a great future. I hope I can win a lot of buyers with him. His idea of ??football is very good – I have never seen any coach make such a game and impose such control with protection from four.

“But he can change the system to three in the final defensive line …”

“To be honest, it’s not like I’m going to play four or three. In fact, on a line of three, there is much more free space to defend. Do you know in such a system how many times I have found myself one-on-one against an enemy striker ?!

“Obviously you understand the game. Have you ever thought of moving from the ground to the bench?
Yes of course. I think about it for four or five years. I’ll play six or seven more years and then be a coach. This is something Antonio Conte has put on me. I see myself to some extent like him. And I want to raise a trophy over my head and as a coach.

Interview with Bonucci: Juve and I will have the consequences

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